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Training and skill development


Social Recreational Activities

Supported Independent Living
Life Skill Development
Life Skill Development
Capacity Building
Community Access and Social Participation

Enjoy the comfort of living independently


While building your capacity with our support.

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SUpported Independent living

We provide you with continuous supervision or assistance  with day to day living tasks and activities to ensure you live independently and assist in developing your skills.

Twins with Down Syndrome in Wheelbarrow

community access and social participation

We provide you with community support workers to provide you with social and leisure activities. We ensure that you develop healthy relationships with your peers and the general public.



If you can imagine the possibilities of a short term accommodation or a place to rest and reset with activities tailored to you, We ensure we create a short term stay including support for self care, accommodation, fun activities, food and community activities.


life skill development

We provide you with individual and personalised capacity building training for your skill development including social activities, educational and vocational skills, cooking, using public transportation, and navigating the web.

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